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Making Sense of the Industrial Waste Processing Options with Komar’s Auger Technology

When considering options for industrial waste processing systems, there are many factors that go into the decision, and many options to consider: energy use optimization, environmental impact, density of compaction, and time and labor costs are all important elements to the decision.

Komar Industries manufactures superior machines in each of those categories.  The auger’s continuous forward operation compacts the material, reducing cart dumping and processing time.  This converts into energy and time savings, and produces a higher load density than a ram compactor or baler.  Those machines pull back or reverse while compacting, often causing material to jam and the machine to stop, hence, increasing labor, energy and time.

Another advantage with the Komar auger is the elimination of hydraulics.  Hydraulics require regular maintenance and lubrication, and the environmental risks resulting from spills and leaks is always a concern, but the all-electric design of Komar augers decreases maintenance and labor costs.  Your bottom line is always a top concern, and Komar’s auger systems mean fewer haul pickups.  The haulers may not be happy, but you will be with your savings.

Naturally, the capital costs for this kind of system are often more substantial than for others, but the long-term benefits in energy and labor savings make the decision for Komar’s industrial waste processing a smart business choice.  Check out the videos link in the sidebar, or contact us with any questions.  We’d love to hear from you.