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Welcome to Komar’s new blog!  We’re glad you found us, and we hope you’ll check back in the future to stay informed about everything going on with our business and in the industries we serve.  We’re excited to share our thoughts and insights here on the web, and hope you’ll join us for the ride.

For our first entry, we’d like to introduce ourselves, and provide a brief background on our business.  Komar is an equipment manufacturer of waste processing systems, founded in 1977 by our former President and current CEO, Larry Koenig.  The company was launched based on Larry’s first patent for an Auger Shredding technology which he developed to provide industrial customers of his Waste Equipment Distribution Company RS&E with a safe and economical way to process industrial wood waste. The company remained primarily a hobby for the first 5 years and equipment was sold primarily by word of mouth as he continued to operate his Waste Hauling, Reclamation and Distribution Companies. In 1984 Larry decided to sell the other companies and pursue the hobby company full time moving its location from Iowa to its current location in Central Ohio. Komar quickly built a reputation with the Cantilevered Auger Shredding and Compacting Technology for Industrial Wood Waste Processing and expanded its market with the addition of versions of the Cantilevered Auger Technology for the Continuous Feeding of Incinerators. The Continuous Feeder Technology offered unique features which allowed regulated feed of various waste materials to incinerators while minimizing unregulated air flow to the incinerators which greatly improved their efficiency. In the subsequent decades Komar became a leader in hazardous waste processing market providing systems which automated the regulated feed of these difficult to process materials safely to Incinerators and providing turnkey solutions to our customers with our rapidly expanding patent line of Auger Compactors, and other shredding and processing systems.  As business grew our office and manufacturing facilities were expanded allowing Komar to better serve our growing global customer base. Komar has expanded into Waste to Energy Markets, Gasification Feed and Developed new technology for processing corrugated at high volume distribution facilities.  In recent years the company has excelled at developing solutions for some of the most difficult to process waste streams including Bio Medical and Low Grade Radioactive Waste Processing Applications and looks forward to offering our expertise to develop solutions for your unique applications.

In 2007, Larry’s son Mark Koenig took over as President, after 22+ years with Komar, including 10 as Vice President, ushering in a new era of creative growth while continuing in the tradition of excellence established by his father.

With our domestic and foreign patents totaling over 140 and no plans to slow down, Komar Industries has the experience of seasoned professionals, and the energy of a new era of innovation.  We’re excited to bring greater awareness of our expertise to the industries we serve with our newly expanded web and social media presence.  Get in touch today to learn more about how Komar can fulfill and surpass all your waste processing needs.