Volumetric Screw Feeders

Komar Industries is the largest manufacturer of auger and screw feeders in the world. A variety of screw feeder designs, including centrifugal, conveyor and rotary feeders, can be integrated with a broad range of accessory equipment to form a complete processing system for solids, semi-solids, wet waste and sludge. Our heavy duty customized screw feeder systems are in operation globally, delivering reliable, precisely controlled metering performance.

Screw feeder applications are numerous: manufacturing pre-processing, rotary and cement kilns, fuel cartridge systems, plasma arc furnaces, gasifiers, and stabilization systems.

Komar can handle the toughest screw feeder applications on a turnkey, single-source basis, supplying all required system components: sizing shredders, conveyors, dumpers, air locks, controlled atmosphere processing chambers, service platforms, isolation gates, fire suppression, oxygen monitoring, water-cooled extrusion tubes, volumetric flow control, nitrogen purging, video monitoring, enclosures for containment of fugitive emissions, drum lifts, skip hoists - whatever is needed for a safe, high-uptime feeding system.

  • Shred - Feed System

    Numerous auger or screw models and engineered processing systems handle even the most challenging feeding applications.

  • Feeders

    Pre-shredders integrated into the system reduce material to a defined piece size when required for more efficient feeding.

  • Tri-Auger Processor

    The tri-auger processor is ideal for processing hazardous waste products like drummed waste, resins, tar, paint sludge, soils, and low level radioactive waste in a fully automated nitrogen or negative air enclosed system. The tri-auger processor is utilized by incineration operations, energy recovery facilities, and heavy industrial applications.