Komar serves industrial shredder needs with a broad line of rotor and shear shredders and a choice of electromechanical or hydromechanical operation. Single shaft shredders feature multi-edge cutting rotors with a voracious appetite for small piece sizing. 2-shaft shear shredders handle primary and secondary shredding of a wide variety of materials. 4-Shaft (Quad) shredders come in a variety of horsepower and sizing combinations for high-volume, low-cost waste reduction. When output piece sizing is critical, the Tiger 4 Quad shredder is the machine to choose. Our industrial shredder line includes the right equipment to meet your needs.

  • Gasification Feed System Solutions

    Gasification Feed System Solutions

  • Piranha

    The Piranha utilizes a multi-edge tool steel rotor and sizing screens for single-step reduction of waste to a regulated piece size.

  • Tiger Electro-Shear Shredder

    The Tiger Electro-Shear provides economical primary shredding using counter rotating cutter disks in a variety of tooth patterns.

  • Tiger Hydro-Shear Shredder

    The heavy duty Tiger Hydro-Shear is designed to process high volumes of difficult, unknown, or unsorted waste materials.

  • Tiger 4 Quad Shear Shredder

    The Tiger 4 Quad Shear internally recirculates shredded material to deliver uniform output piece sizes " to 4"

  • Tiger 4 Hydro-Quad Shear Shredder

    The Tiger 4 Quad Shear features uniform piece sizing and variable speed processing of material with varying densities.