Kubota EIDAL Vertical Shredder

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Utilized by:

  • Recycling Facilities
  • MRF
  • RDF


The Kubota EIDAL Vertical Shredder is unique, vertical type shredder capable of shredding various input materials. Employing continuous impact, shearing, compression and friction forces create uniformly shredded products, which increase efficiency of conveying and separating in the post-process for recycling.

  • Non-Ferrous metal scrap
  • Iron scrap
  • e-waste
  • e-motors
  • Refrigerators
  • Furniture
  • Concrete blocks
  • Metal turnings
  • C&D
  • Industrial waste
  • MSW
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Outdated Product Destruction


Important considerations:

  • Best ratio of size reduction in one step
  • Lowest wear costs
  • Excellent lifetime, i.e. several thousand tons
  • Output grain size can be adjusted, 20 to 150mm
  • Metals take on a globular shape
  • Disintegration of composites
  • Easy maintenance; Rotor can be exchanged by crane

Quick Specs:

  • Model: KE-100
  • Capacity t/h): 2-3
  • Hopper Opening (AxB) (inches): 43" x 51"
  • Motor (HP): 100-150
  • Rotor Speed (RPM): 415
  • # Grinders: 12
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) (inches): 102" x 55" x 67"
  • Weight (lbs): 14,550



Compound Shredding Forces Enabling the Processing of Various Materials
Because the massive, high-speed rotating breakers perform the primary shredding operation and the grinders carry out secondary and tertiary shredding, the KUBOTA EIDAL can handle almost any material that you can name.

Effective Sorting by Adjusting to the Required Particle Sizes
KUBOTA EIDAL shredders obtain uniform particle sizes through multiple stages of grinder operation. The choke rings further function size reduction. These machines achieve the utmost in size distribution to accurately separate steel, aluminum, combustibles and incombustibles.

Energy-Saving Vertical Shredding Structure
The mechanism of KUBOTA EIDAL shredders is designed so that gravity causes the materials crushed by the breakers to drop to the proper position for the grinders. As natural forces are effectively applied, excessive power to lift the materials is not needed at all.

Advantageous Safety Measures
Streak air blowing out of the KUBOTA EIDAL's discharge opening prevents flammable gas from being retained inside the shredding chamber. Should an explosion occur inside the unit, the air quickly escapes from the building through the release duct, thus sustaining less damage to the machine. The availability of in-operation monitoring of the inside of the chamber enables verified control.

Highly Skilled and Vastly Experienced
Since installing the first shredder in 1974 in Japan, more than 250 KUBOTA EIDAL units have been built so far for lots of municipalities and industries in order to process a broad range of materials.