Herculean I Hydro-Auger Compactor

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When there's an application that requires a machine with heavy-duty shredding and/or compacting ability, along with higher hourly throughputs, the Herculean I Hydro-Auger is perfect for the job. Industrial facilities, utility companies and waste management facilities all find that the Herculean I easily handles difficult materials including oversize, bulky materials with hydraulic, automatic, anti-jamming action. The machine reduces size and volume of wastes utilizing a high-torque, low-speed, screw auger with minimum noise, dust and energy requirements. Compacted material goes directly into either 40-cubic-yard containers or transfer trailers to legal limits.


  • Heavy duty construction; Tapered forged steel alloy shaft, 2 1/2" cast flights, 5" end flight
  • "Cartridge" drive assembly for simplified maintenance
  • Direct driven shafts - no gearbox
  • High-torque, Low-speed Hydrostatic Drive with shock resistant operation
  • Anti-jam Device
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Adjustable Run Time
  • Industrial Waste
  • Municipal Waste
  • Construction & Demolition Debris
  • Railroad Ties/Utility Poles
  • Cable Reels
  • Oversized & Hard wood Pallets
  • Wood Crates
  • Corrugated Containers
  • Fiber Butt Cores
  • White Goods/Drums
  • Baled Materials