Self Contained Compactor CASC Auger Pak

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The Komar Auger Pak, an environmentally friendly all electromechanical self contained compactor, will fit your green needs by saving energy and reducing operating costs. The powerful solid steel auger screw provides over 56,050 lbs. of force, dispatching bag waste, corrugated boxes, wood and standard pallets. Unlike the reciprocating motion of ram compactors, the auger compactors continuous forward motion eliminates material dragback and reduces processing time. Its sealed processing chamber provides a clean, no mess path for wet or dry waste to the container and keeps smelly, unhealthy liquids from leaking onto the ground. The Auger Pak features a 2 cubic yard processing chamber with a large 51" x 60" opening for easy loading.

Auger Pak Features:

  • All Electric (No Hydraulics)
  • 56,050 lbs Compaction Force
  • Quick Disconnect Plug
  • Sealed Processing Chamber
  • Liquid Direct Flow to Container
  • "P" Sealed Rear Door
  • Bubble Door Adds Capacity
  • Double End Pick-Up Standard


  • Hydraulics
  • Oily Messes
  • Leaky Hose Connections
  • Smelly Unsanitary Ram Compartment Build Up
  • Health Department Violations

Product Brochure is attached as well as all photos for a slideshow (large and small).

Materials Processed:
  • Bagged Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Cardboard
  • Wet Waste
  • Pallets
  • more