Autoclave Sterilizer

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  • Integrated PLC monitors and controls the sterilizer cycle, ensuring 100% kill of all bacteria in waste batch.
  • ASME pressure rated vessel with integral waste tracks for easy loading.
  • Manual safety door lock bar interlinked to sterilizer controls ensures door mechanism is locked prior to pressurization of vessel.
  • Pneumatically actuated breech lockdoor and inflatable door seal.
  • Pneumatic safety lock pin energized by sterilizer control prevents door opening while unit is pressurized.
  • Single channel circular temperature chart recorder provides permanent documentation of each batch cycle.


  1. Once waste is placed into the sterilizer the operator closes the door, engages the manual safety door lock bar and energizes the cycle start.
  2. The pneumatic lock pin engages and steam ejectors create a vacuum to remove all air from the chamber. The vacuumed air is channeled through a heat exchanger and condensed via cooling water and piped down the customer supplied drain.
  3. Sterilizer is pressurized with steam until desired temperature is reached.
  4. The waste is held at the specified temperature and required duration of time to ensure sterilization.
  5. After sterilization is complete, the pressure blow down cycle is initiated to vent the steam from the sterilizer through the heat exchanger.
  6. At 10 psi the steam ejectors actuate, creating a vacuum, to speed the blow down cycle and evacuate the residual steam from the sterilizer.
  7. Upon vacuum cycle completion, the sterilizer is brought back to atmospheric pressure by actuating a relief vent valve.
  8. A pressure switch senses when there is no pressure in the sterilizer and deflates the door seal.
  9. The manual safety door lock bar is opened.
  10. Upon confirmation by the sterilizer control that there is no pressure in the sterilizer, the pneumatic safety lock pin is retracted.
  11. The autoclave door may now be safely opened by the operator.
  12. The waste carts are then removed from the sterilizer and dumped into a compactor for disposal or into a shredder to render the waste unrecognizable prior to disposal.