Auger Compactors

Komar invented and patented the auger compactor in 1977, and has been refining the technology ever since. Todayís auger compactor designs can process as much or more heavy waste with 40 hp than early models using 150 hp.

Why purchase an auger?

Compared to hydraulically powered ram compactors and balers, Komarís electromechanically driven machines are green to the extreme. With 5 times the container load density, waste hauling carbon footprints are reduced up to 400%. The auger compactor requires 200% fewer kilowatt hours per cubic yard of throughput. Spillage when disconnecting the receiving container is reduced from 80 to 95%. And with a Komar auger compactor you can forget about messy, hazardous hydraulic oil spills.

  • EM Auger Compactor

    The EM Series are our most popular and versatile machines, with more power and capacity than any competitor.

  • Self Contained Compactor CASC Auger Pak

    The Auger Pak is completely enclosed with a sealed processing chamber that provides a clean, leak-free, more sanitary path for wet waste.

  • EM-PSC Portable Shredder/Compactor

    The EM-PSC, with an onboard 125 kw generator, goes anywhere to process on-site waste, cutting disposal hauling costs as much as 66%.