Komars shredding equipment line offers a complete selection of waste processing equipment, much of which is based on our advanced auger technology. Our compactor and shredder product lines give you a choice of clean electromechanical operation or powerful hydromechanical drives. Komar offers shredding equipment to handle a wide variety of needs. Most product series have multiple models, with varying horsepower, infeed opening sizes, and charge capacity.

  • Auger Compactors

    The Komar Auger Compactors pre-crush, compact and feed waste material into disposal or re- processing containers. Komar offers stationary, self-contained and transportable models, all with clean, green electromechanical operation.

  • Auger Shredders

    Auger Shredders use powerful hydrostatic drives with single or dual augers for heavy duty shredding and compacting of large, bulky materials.

  • Shredders

    Shredders reduce all manner of waste material into small strips or, with sizing screens, into defined output piece sizes.

  • Hard Drive Shredders

    This category features a powerful, large-capacity shredder for high volume applications.

  • Volumetric Screw Feeders

    Volumetric Screw Feeders accurately and safely shred, blend and extrusion-feed a broad variety of solid and semi-solid materials at a precisely controlled rate.

  • Materials Handling

    Conveyors, dumpers, airlocks, work platforms, charge hoppers - we’ll design, build and incorporate whatever you need to complete your waste processing system.

  • Bale Breakers

    Powerful auger shredders with variable speed control break apart baled materials for more efficient downstream processing.

  • Briquetters

    Unique design converts coal fines and other combustible waste into stoker fuel briquettes at rates from 50 to 100 tons per hour.

  • Autoclave Sterilization

    Komar 3 to 6 cart autoclave sterilizers are part of a complete Komar medical waste processing system.