Medical waste solutions

Different Types of Medical Waste

  • General Hospital Waste
  • Red Bag
  • Sharps containers
  • Document Destruction

Full range of medical waste equipment

Komar offers a full range of equipment to process medical waste utilizing the latest shredding and sterilization technologies. Komar shredders and autoclave sterilization systems offer a proven, safe, economical solution for the on-site processing of infectious medical waste including red bag waste and sharps containers. Eliminating the high cost of off-site processing centers can save you thousands of dollars annually. In addition, in-house processing will assure your compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and eliminate the risk of issues surrounding improper transport of your medical waste. From individual equipment selection to complete waste processing systems, let Komar help with waste sterilization, handling, security and cost reduction.

Double your return on investment

Maximize your savings by utilizing Komar medical waste shredders as a safe and secure way to shred medical records. Document destruction can be included in your medical waste processing system and eliminates the need to have outside services handle your sensitive data.

Cart Dumpers

Integrate Komar Cart Dumpers into your waste system to handle either existing or new cart systems. Komar offers both all electric or hydraulic cart dumpers to fit every need from 500 lb. to 6,000 lb. capacity.

Size reduction shredders for various needs

Size Reduction Shredders are offered in two styles - the 4 Shaft Tiger Quad Shredder and the single shaft Piranha. Both offer versatility in processing of medical waste by utilizing a removable sizing screen. The shredders are able to handle bagged waste, sharps containers or batches from autoclave carts. The screen can be left in place for processing sharps containers or removed to generate a higher processing rate for general medical and red bag waste. Both units feature in feed ram assist, allowing the shredders to more efficiently process the waste by assisting material feed. The single shaft Piranha offers a one-pass cross-cut output from 1/4" to 4" while handling most red bag waste, secure documents and binders. The Tiger 4 Quad Shear Shredder offers a progressive cut over the sizing screen providing an output from 3/4" to 4" while handling red bag waste, secure documents, and binders. The de-jamming circuit of the Tiger 4 Quad Shredder detects material that cannot be shredded such as titanium hip joints, wheel chair parts, surgical tools, and heavy metal, causing the shredder to shut down prior to being damaged.
Komar EMSC Self-Contained Auger Compactor
This Self-Contained All Electric Auger Compactor eliminates hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic spills and messes. The EMSC Auger Compactor has no ram; hence no contamination can build up in the ram chamber eliminating the home for varmints, insects, bacteria, etc. The seal container portion of the unit provides for maximum containment for wet waste during filling and transportation.

Sterilize & Destroy

  • Secure on-site processing
  • Save thousands of dollars annually
  • Local, State, & Federal compliant

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