Cardboard shredding & compacting

Types of Corrugated Waste Processed

  • Corrugated Flats
  • Corrugated Containers
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Baled Materials
  • Packaging Materials
  • Plant Waste
  • Fiber Butt Cores
  • And more...

Auger Compactor vs Balers - Read Detailed Comparison

  • Eliminates Storage of Baled Materials
  • Reduces Labor to Handle Material
  • Eliminates Potentially Dangerous Operation of Vertical & Horizontal Balers
  • Frees Up Valuable Floor Space
  • Eliminates Cost of Baling Wire

Auger Compactor vs Ram Compactor for Cardboard

  • 24,000 lbs. in a 40 Yard Container
  • Eliminates Chute Jamming
  • Faster Processing No Ram Cycle Time
  • Reduces Labor to Clear Jams
  • Eliminates Hydraulic Oil Leaks
  • Smaller Machine Footprint
  • Reduces Transportation Costs by 400%
  • Reduces Spillage & Messes Around Equipment


"We considered and evaluated different equipment options and brands before settling on the Komar auger units. We have gone from 1 pull a day to 1 pull a week in our corrugated waste stream. Komars support has been fantastic!"
Dave Culley, Maintenance Manager
Product Distribution Facility, Pittsburgh, PA
"...our peak season crunch overwhelmed our ram compactors and facilitated the need for 11 open top containers being pulled daily. The 2 auger units we installed eliminated the need for open tops and saved us thousands of dollars in transportation fees. Our first 40 yard container load was 12.2 tons of corrugated."
J. Scott Filgis, Facilities Maintenance Manager
Toy Distribution Facility, Columbus, OH

Shred & Compact

  • Up to 24,000 lbs in one container
  • Free up valuable floor space
  • Eliminate chute jamming

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