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Alternative Fuel Preparation Systems

One of industry's biggest challenges is finding a way to meet national and global energy needs while minimizing impact on the environment. Komar has developed gasification feed systems that can help meet those challenges by providing a flexible technology that converts carbon-containing waste materials into a valuable alternative energy source.

Komar makes this alternative fuel technology accessible with the world's largest continuous plug gasification feed systems. Komar gasification feed systems optimize the process of developing alternative fuel:

  • Feedstock - includes MSW, RDF, coal, wood, plastic, biomass, hazardous and low grade radioactive wastes, and more
  • Komar Feed Systems Technology - engineered feed system solutions for diverse feed stock applications, including preparation systems
  • Optimized Syngas Production - Komar systems provide precise feedstock delivery and eliminates free air entering the gasifier

Komar Feed Solutions are custom engineered to suit the application.  From pilot-scale systems  to the largest in the world, Komar machines provide a premium feedstock delivery and material handling system to any waste-to-energy process.

Alternative Fuels

Komar is your partner for feedstock/fuel preparation systems -- developing alternative fuels through gasification systems, engineered for performance and efficiency. To learn more, contact us today.


Komar Alternative Fuels in the News

Gasification Brochure

Komar Industries pulverizing the worlds toughest junk
Komar Industries is profiled in The Columbus Dispatch, focusing on our alternative fuel projects. Komar feeders have become an essential part of power plants worldwide that convert trash into energy through a process called plasma gasification.

Komar Industries Inc. - Innovative machinery solutions for the global market
Reported by US Business Executive, Komar engineered a full system that produces synthetic gas from solid household waste and runs it through a turbine to produce electricity.

Komar Industries patenting ways to shrink what goes to landfill
Komar helps businesses to develop more environmentally friendly and economical solutions for waste. Article published in Columbus Business First.

Continuous Plug Feeder

  • Controls Feed Throughput
  • Eliminates Free Air
  • Optimizes Gasification Processes

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