About Us

Who We Are Today

Komar is a group of innovative professionals concentrating our efforts in the waste processing and energy field. We have over 130 U.S. and Foreign Patents for innovative design and a complete manufacturing facility to bring our designs to reality. Komar manufactures a full range of shredding and compaction equipment and specializes in providing turnkey solutions to our customers.


Background of Founder: Larry E. Koenig

Komar Industries BuildingLarry began his career in the electronics field designing and building timers and relays. He soon branched into sales which led him to a position as sales manager for a Dallas baler company in 1969. In 1971, Larry left Dallas to start his own waste equipment distribution business in Iowa, known as RS&E (Recycling Systems & Equipment). In addition to founding Komar in 1977, he expanded his reach into the waste industry founding a recycling and transfer center in 1980 and purchasing a waste hauling company in 1982. In 1984 Larry divested his interests in these companies and moved to Central Ohio to better position Komar to take advantage of the Eastern & Midwestern industrial corridor opportunities. Larry's innovation has led Komar and produced over 130 U.S. and foreign patents during his tenure as President of Komar Industries, Inc. In 2007 he became CEO and semi-retired, turning over day to day operations to his son Mark. Larry continues his enthusiasm for new challenges and lends his experience to the Komar product development and marketing departments in between travels.


Significant Milestones:

2014 Komar became preferred vendor to largest distribution center in the world, installing 15 Auger-Pak machines throughout the United States.

Expanded Sales force to support company growth. 
2013 Komar supports a 50 ton per hour waste feed system for the TV2 project in Tees Valley, UK.
2012 Komar manufactures the world’s largest gasification feed system: a continuous plug feeder with a 50 ton per hour design throughput for the TV1 facility in Tees Valley, UK.

Komar supplies material preparation shredding systems for hazardous waste facilities at Clean Harbors, the largest hazardous waste disposal company in the country.
2010 Komar reaches heavy duty shredding markets through the expansion of a heavy duty mobile hydro-quad for the military.
2008 Komar continues its new product development of superior waste processing technology releasing the new EPS Densification unit and Self Contained Auger Compactor units.

Komar lands down under with first system in Australia.
2007 NEW ERA: Mark E. Koenig becomes President and takes over day to day operations of Komar Industries, Inc., after 10 years as VP and 22+ years with Komar. Mark has traveled extensively worldwide consulting and designing complete engineered systems for various waste processing applications. He has been instrumental as a direct consultant to the end user or supporting engineering groups with system application designs for rotary kilns, plasma arc furnaces, gasifiers, cement kilns, stabilization and bio-conversion facilities. Mark's direction of specialty engineered systems for heavy industrial, e-waste, recycling centers, distribution centers and hospitals has been invaluable in Komar’s growth. His experience and inventiveness assure Komar is in good hands with a solid position in the industry, now and in the future.
2006 Komar sends first unit to South Africa.
2004 Komar launches the new "Green Line" of Auger Compactors to assist industrial and commercial facilities in meeting their environmental goals. The "EM" equipment line is all electromechanical and has helped customers reduce their hauling by 400-500%, reduce the facility carbon footprint, save energy and eliminate hazardous oil spills associated with traditional hydraulically actuated waste processing equipment.
2003 Komar develops computer hard drive shredder.
2000 Komar sends first system to Ukraine.
1999 Komar builds first low level radioactive waste processing system.

Komar delivers first Quad Shear Shredder to medical waste treatment facility.
1998 Komar develops and manufactures a line of briquetting equipment for the energy conversion of coal fines, Komar develops Quad Shear Shredder, and releases first website generation.
1996 Komar enters Middle East and South American markets.
1994 Komar enters Asian market.
1992 Komar defends Tri-Auger Hazardous Waste Processing System patent.

Komar enters European market.
1991 Komar successfully defends Dual Auger Shredder patent. 

Komar develops a line of shear shredders to compliment the extruder feeder systems and further broaden the products Komar could offer.
1990 Komar expands manufacturing and office space to accommodate the growing workforce and bring all manufacturing operations in house. Komar has invested in some of the largest machine tools in Central Ohio to control quality, delivery and better serve our customers.
1988 Komar establishes itself as a leader in hazardous waste processing with the introduction and patenting of the Tri-Auger Processor which revolutionized how solid and semi-solid hazardous waste was handled. The new Komar System significantly increased the safety and efficiency of processing this difficult to handle waste stream.
1986 President, Larry Koenig, invests long hours and significant resources perfecting the auger as a reliable and effective tool for processing solid waste.  These large machines were sold primarily to large industrial facilities.
1985 Komar sells the first Auger Extruder utilized for incineration feed. The Auger Extruders unique ability to provide variable speed feed and control the airflow was a huge advantage for incinerator operations improving both efficiency and safety.
1984 Komar relocates to Central Ohio to begin focusing on developing the Auger Processing Technology. Komar was primarily a hobby company for the first 6 years selling equipment by word of mouth as Larry had other interests with his 4 other companies.
1978 Komar was incorporated in Iowa. Larry derived the name Komar from his son's name "MARK Koenig", inverting the letters to produce KOMAR.
1977 Komar Industries, Inc. was established by Larry E. Koenig.

Larry developed and patented the first stationary Auger Compactor to solve a wood waste handling problem at Deere & Company. This technology was the basis for the new company.